How much damage does ammunition explosion do?

is it worth trying to pick up ammunition that’s cooking off or should I run away from them whenever they start popping off? I just survived a close scrape with a horde of survivor zombies and soldiers by lighting a fire, and it seems like they were carrying 9mm ammo which has started going. I’m wearing a swat vest and hard hat so I should be able to survive some damage, so i’m wondering if I should risk trying to pick them up, or should just duck and cover
Edit: actually considering the fact that the thing I set on fire was in the middle of forest I think I should get out of there regardless due to the ensuing firestorm that’s probably going to happen. Ironically the place the survivor zombies crawled out of was a firewatch tower. But just out of curiosity’s sake how dangerous is a ammunition cook off? I don’t think they’ve added shrapnel to the game yet so i’m wondering about it weaponization capabilities if I was really desperate and had no guns to use for them

Unless you are absolutely desperate for ammo, I wouldn’t worry about it either way. The damage shouldn’t be severe if its being modelled right, uncontained rounds aren’t that dangerous, but the ensuing firestorm is going to be, and it might draw even more zeds. Disengage while you still can.