Gasoline pump breakdown chances

so how does that work? the larger the container, the higher chances of breaking?

I don’t believe that the pumps have a chance per use, more so a hard limit that once depleted is irreversibly empty. For example, if you build a mobile bunker with 20 gasoline tanks, it will almost certainly drain the pump. I’m not quite sure of the exact numbers (as I am not diligent when looking in raws and such, on top of the fact that if I go messing around in there lord knows I’m going to want to get creative and screw something up) so you’ll have to leave it to someone who, well, does know.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a fixed volume. I pumped gas into an aluminium keg (which has some ridiculous capacity, I didn’t actually fill it) and it completely drained three pumps in a row, one use each.

I haven’t seen the code recently, but I think that on map generation each pump is given a random value of gas. So, for example, a pump can spawn with 5000 units of gas, using a gallon jug or whatever that holds 1200 units, ie. You get what I’m trying to say haha.

The mine gas pumps have between 10,000 and 50,000 units of gas, and the gas station pumps each have between 1,000 and 10,000 units, if a hardware store has a pump it has between 500 and 5,000. That’s not as much as it sounds like, if I remember correctly a single unit of gas is very small.

Yeah, a standard plastic bottle holds about 400 units of gasoline.

which means that unless i plan to live a nomadic lifestyle i need to have a solar vehicle on hand for day to day errands.

I’ve found gas stations with three rows of 5/6/7? pumps. (Only in towns?) One of those will keep you going for a looong time.

Yeah, if you find a decent sized gas station it can generally fuel all your gassy needs for a time, but a nomadic lifestyle is fun too.
106 miles from anywhere. We got half a tank of gas, a full pack of cigs, a trunk full of weapons, gear, food and loot… :wink: