Can you still get free fuel from gas stations?

Is it possible to steal fuel from gas stations now that the automated purchase stuff is implemented? I tried smashing the gasoline tank inside the chain fences with a 2x4 but that just broke the 2x4 without scratching the tank. Hitting the pumps doesn’t seem like a great idea and I don’t see a way to hack the terminals.

I recall you can hack the computers/pumps. You need an electrohack, I think. Plus there are still gas stations that don’t have computer terminals.

Plus not all gas stations are automated. Some are old-fashioned.
(But automated ones have lots more fuel)

Naw, I think it’s just RNG. Found two gas stations near a mine. One had tons of pumps, and the second one only had three but I ended up crafting some extra steel jerrycans due to the amount of gas and diesel those pumps had.

The automated station usually have more fuel than you need, at least in my experience. I accidentally used up an entire cashcard with thousands on it, refilled my vehicle completely, still had gas I could take because id payed for it, and even after id filled several other cars, jerry cans, gallon jugs, and sealed stomachs, the gas station STILL had fuel to purchase.