Gas Tanks and Clean Water Tanks

Is there any particular reason a metal tank reserved for gasoline holds a gallon and a half of gas (3000 Units) and a metal tank reserved for water holds 40 gallons? (400 Units)

I understand that Gasoline has smaller units, presumably for gasoline consumption mechanics, but what goes in a gas-tank that takes up more than half the space inside it before the gasoline?

The fact that it changes size depending on function is just part of some of the simplification that’s necessary with a game so complex.

As for the gallon and a half gasoline tank, that’s weird. I’m wondering if that’s just a typo (15.0 -> 1.50) in the code, since most automotive fuel tanks hold around fifteen gallons.

It’s warped by the fuel consumption rate, if we upped it to a realistic volume, you’d be able to drive around more or less indefinitely on a single tank of gas, and if we increased fuel consumption rate to match you might empty out gas stations too fast (though with tank siphoning that might not be an issue anymore), and it just keeps going, such as using gasoline as ammunition, etc.
Now that’s the main reason it hasn’t happened, I wouldn’t be opposed to someone poking at increasing capacity and consumption by a factor of ten, then addressing further issues as they came up.
Alternately it might make sense to adjust the volume equivalency of gasoline, not sure what the right solution is.

Adding stills for all those apples and berries floating around the game would allow a sustainable liquid fuel to help balance out the tendency to run out of gasoline. Not sure how you could flag it to be used as gasoline and or rot gut booze at the same time. Maybe a second stage (re-distillation) for consumption?

Actually it’s the other way around, you want to distill more to use it as a fuel, but you can also burn methanol, so you can ferment and distill wood and other vegetation for that kind of thing.

Definitely something we’d like to do, requires some infrastructure to make it happen.