0xA: Gasoline is so light

There’s a steel jerrycan.
It holds 100 points of water.
It holds 20 000 points of gasoline.
Therefore, gasoline has 200 times lesser density, than water.
According to wikipedia, water’s density is roughly 1 ton a cube meter. Therefore, gasoline has density of 5 kg a cube meter.
With that density a bottle of gasoline should explode as mininuclear bomb, lol, assuming there’s enough oxygen.

Gasoline is measured in ml or something.
Water is measured in tokes, some retarded American system.

Water is measured in 250ml portions.

Maybe converting all liquid storage to non-integers and using straight-up liters or gallons (as per options) would work better? Would also stop silly stuff like needing to wait until you’re thirsty enough to drink some water because otherwise you waste some of it.

Portions/charges of liquids are nowhere linked to a specific mass or volume. 10 units of gasoline might be as heavy as 1000 units of water, or not. Mass and volume are listed in addition to charges.

Charges/portions are stored as an integer, therefor each consumption must use at least a single unit of it (it can’t use 0.5 units, the game cant store the remaining 0.5 units).

If for example alcohols like whiskey would be measured in 1 unit = 250ml (like water) you had to drink at least 250ml every time you consume it. Similar with gasoline consummation in cars. If water is implemented as 25ml = 7 portions (like alcohols) you had to do the drinking action 7 times as often because each time it consumes only one charge.

You could make it so it stores in liters/milliliters (or gallons/ounces, though that’d probably just be conversion for display), and you get the option to consume either a portion (size of portion in ml being defined in the definition), or just a certain amount if you can’t consume a whole portion.

The reason gasoline units are so different from other liquids is the gasoline units have to be consumed differently by engines. If you just switch it over to “tokes” as GTAguy put it, you’ll be burning through 250ml a tick.