Gas station Fast-charging stations?

So cataclysm is set in a near-future era and there is a fair number of electric vehicles of some kind, albeit they are a minority. In the modern day, many countries are starting to see electric vehicle charging stations become common in public parking or gas stations, and these might give electric vehicles a more viable way to travel long distances concurrently.

Obviously, there’s no mains power after the apocalypse, but charging stations could draw power from a solar source, a storage battery inside with charge left, or even a plutonium cell, which would be totally acceptable from a lore standpoint as minireactors are being used in SUVs.

These stations could be used by people driving along distances in mobile bases to cut down solar charging time, they would be a good source of storage batteries for vehicle builds also. Obviously the condition of them could vary wildly, from broken to weakly functioning to pristine, so they couldn’t be relied upon too easily. But they might give a slight buff to electric-vehicle usage and give people a place to grab a storage battery without needing a boom crane.

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This idea has been mentioned before, but no one has bothered to come up with any new terrain or furniture to support the idea so it hasn’t gone anywhere.

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