Have battery chargers been nerfed?

Like the title says. It seems to be taking WAY longer for my vehicle part ‘battery charger’ to recharge medium batteries. 9 hours sleep was only just enough to recharge two batteries. Am I just imagining that it used to be easier?

i havent seen a diffrence… but then again i just leave it on all the time.

It should be quite noticeable, if you only have half a dozen medium batteries and are using a portable arc welder.

For comparison, it took running a car engine 30 minutes to half charge a car battery (1250 charges).

i just use a cart welder. i DO however use a UPS, and often swap out the battery on that in my recharger, and i have a massive supply of light high capacity batteries.

the car alternator will charge your storage batteries far faster than the recharger outputs energy, for sure… so its a bottleneck there.

the battery charger DOES state in its description that it is a ‘low voltage’ charger, and that it ‘takes a long time’

if you’d rather not run your engine to supply power to it, making a single block car with just the charger, a battery and a solar panel works indefinitely.

I don’t care about running my engine, but you can’t install a medium battery into a car. I’ll look into UPS stuff, but I don’t know if I’ve got the books or skills for that yet.

[EDIT] I can make a UPS conversion mod, but not a UPS.

[EDITx2] I’m sure I remember just throwing in my (0/7000) electric jackhammer into the recharger and it being ready to go in half an hour. Lol.

nonono you dont install the battery into the car, you put the battery into the charger XD

the recharger has an internal storage for batteries, as they sit there they charge, you plop it into the single slot on the single block car, and go do something else, come back later, boom its charged

it SHOULD work the same if you just throw the whole arc welder into the recharger, but if you wanna be safe, unload it and just have the battery in there.

You’re misunderstanding me.

The problem is that the “come back later” is about 6 hours for one 500 charge medium battery. As opposed to 1250 for half an hour for batteries that you can install into cars directly.

Incidentally, I’m not saying it’s WRONG that it takes six hours for 500 charges - just that it’s changed. Basically, battery recharging station used to be super useful, and now it is barely useful.

ah. i understand now.

… i mean, as a workaround for that, you could also use the… what is it… the storage battery mod? it converts tools to be able to use vehicle part batteries in itself, and i believe that also includes car batteries, so you could then lift the battery out of the car, use it for your purproses, stuff it back into the car and rev the engine, as you said.

Yeah, I’ll be doing stuff like that just as soon as I grind the skills up. Assuming I already have the right books.

OK, I’ve just found out (again) that you can’t use Storage Batteries in a UPS.

I sorta wish I could though. Especially now the standard recharging station is not so useful.

So my UPS modified welder is not entirely useless (I have a handful of disposable heavy batteries to use up) but then it’s back to reading the electronics books till I can make a storage battery mod.

In master the recharging station is super fast, basically pressed ‘.’ (idle) two times and a car battery gained 2 points of capacity. The battery chargers themselves are slow, but they work well for recharging light [headlamp] batteries overnight.