Gamer's Perspective: Playability Suggestions

[sup][/sup]I am personally of the opinion that even if no more content was added to Cataclysm: DDA it could easily be released as a full game. That is not to say content adding should stop or anything along those lines. This is merely a thread devoted to suggestions for the UI, balance issues, accelerating gameplay as long as it doesn’t affect pacing, and other such things.

Things that are supposed to work, but don’t, will not be mentioned unless it interacts with a playability suggestion. This is not a bugs thread.

As of 0.A stable.

[ul][li]Move the Tutorial to be a basic option instead of having to transverse from Special; or, inquire if a player wants to go through the tutorial the first time they start.[/li]
[li]Add an intro that pops up in the tutorial that explains some of the basic history and the background of the world as the common survivor would know. Including CBMs, fusion devices, and why there seem to be deadly robo-popo.[/li]
[li]Expand the tutorial to explain (G)rab, cauterize, fighting zombies, (b)utchering, (s)mashing, and vehicles. Also make it stop crashing when you quit out of it.[/li]
[li]Character Creation UI cuts off text. It also doesn’t share everything you start with (bionics).[/li]
[li]Allow people to swap between lists under Profession so they can examine starting items.[/li]
[li]Starting addicted is a death sentence. You have half an hour to an hour and a half, then crash with speed at 25 and all stats at 0. Then you die because a squirrel eats your face. Either start them with a few drug units or make it grant more points.[/li]
[li]Minimum starting spawn distance from shimmering portals; do not spawn deadly high-powered monsters next to a new player. Unless they start cheating or play with too many points. Then go nuts.[/li]
[li]Time itself should be one of the player’s opponents. There is definitely winter, and so on, which is fairly dangerous… but seeing a gradual rise in danger level everywhere as time passes would be good, given how the game is designed. Bigger hordes. More active portals. And so on.[/li]
[li]Add the ability to use the mouse for selections and scrolling. Like it or not, this will attract more players. I would also find it more convenient if you could use the look command with the mouse and scroll through inventories.[/li]
[li]Add a quick list of armor worn over each body section and what condition it is in adjacent to the health section. This should automatically ignore armor with 0% coverage.[/li][/ul]

Feel free to add your own ideas, prod with inquiries, or otherwise post here about problems you personally experience with the interface or gameplay issues

This game alot of people have to go to the forum, the forum is the learning space.

Are you sure you’re not looking for The Bunker - Gameplay, Tactics, and General Discussion?

How is that statement relevant to this topic or anything on hand?

A lot of good stuff in this topic that we are planning to do or have covered in a slightly different way already. Very nice suggestions.

No, not really.

I would like to clarify in case I wasn’t clear about mousing:

Being able to scroll through menus; being able to select menus or open character charts by clicking on relevant objects; being able to examine square or items by clicking on them; being able to move around the map (over and visual) by mousing.

You can already move using the map and see what’s on the tile by mousing over.

As for the rest of the suggestions, very nice!

Ill just say that the last thing I want is the the game asking me if I want to play the tutorial every time I start up a new build. I generally only play a build once, then I install the next one. Its enough hassle haveing to go through and fix up all the keybinds/prefs every time.

Also, starting addicted is not a death sentence at all, its an advanced start, but not always terminal. I agree that the profs that start addicted could do with a little buff though.

You can copy these files over from game to game and it should work 98% of the time (it’s like options.txt and keybindings.txt IIRC). :stuck_out_tongue: