Game will not load, possible Mining Mod issue

I took a small hiatus and patched the game since earlier September, everything has been working fine until I tried to play again last weekend. It seems that the game will not load past DangerNoodle’s Mining Mod for whatever reason and alludes to attempting to load something that does not exist(?). Looks like maybe an item or something, but whatever the case, I cannot play the game until the error is fixed.

My complete list of mods:
-Disable NPC Needs
-Blaze Industries
-No Freeze
-Mining Mod
-Graphical Overmap
-MSX Alternative Floor Tiles
-MSX Hide Debug
-MSX Hide Status
-MSX Indicators: REMIX
-Fuji’s Military Professions Pack
-Necropolis actually findable
-Sees-player icon, retrodays
-sees-player icon, hitbutton_iso

And the error I receive:

DEBUG : Error: Json error: data/mods//Mining_Mod/construction.json:13:5: requested non-existing member “group” in {
“type”: “construction”,
“id”: “minmod_anvil_med”,
“description”: “Make stone anvil”,
“category”: “FURN”,
“required_skills”: [ [ “fabrication”, 4 ], [ “survival”, 2 ] ],
“time”: “120 m”,
“qualities”: [ [ { “id”: “HAMMER”, “level”: 2 } ] ],
“tools”: [ [ [ “pickaxe”, -1 ], [ “jackhammer”, 30 ], [ “elec_jackhammer”, 30 ] ] ],
“pre_terrain”: “f_boulder_medium”,
“post_terrain”: “f_anvil_stone”

"pre_terrain": "f_boulder_medium",
"post_terrain": "f_anvil_stone"

“type”: “construction”,
“id”: “minmod_anvil_large”,

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::load_character_tab(bool)
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 1146

Well, I’d say it again; we’ll need a game version to get anywhere…

But not today! Just update the mod, as far as I can tell it has the necessary group defined in the newer version of its files :smiley: .

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Hmm, feel free to use @TheGoatgod 's modpack or my personal modpack - both work perfectly fine on latest experimental versions :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a bunch!
It seems the issue sorted itself out after I uninstalled then reinstalled the mod itself.