Game unable to start

Game attempts to load in and stops at the last second, returning me to the menu. This appears to be an issue with a few mods that I have running, specifically the Mining Mod and the No Freeze mod. I would love to post the debug log, but it is pretty long and exceeds the character limits for posts. Instead, I have created a dropbox account and will link it here instead:

My complete list of mods:
-Disable NPC Needs
-Blaze Industries
-No Freeze
-Mining Mod
-Graphical Overmap
-MSX Alternative Floor Tiles
-MSX Hide Debug
-MSX Hide Status
-MSX Indicators: REMIX
-Fuji’s Military Professions Pack
-Necropolis actually findable
-Sees-player icon, retrodays
-sees-player icon, hitbutton_iso

I am not very experienced with how json is formated but it appears the core issue is the mining and no freeze mods are written with incorrectly labeled fields. specifically
-bad indication of plural name
both mods try to indicate plural name with a separate field like:
“name plural”: “water”,
when the correct format is in the “name” field like:
“name”: { “str”: “water”, “str_pl”: “water” },
-redundant freezing_point
not so sure about this but best I can tell the error is the mod is trying to assign a freezing point to something that doesn’t need it (in the base json bone_human does not have its freezing point specified)
best guess here with the error for ammo_type is you are supposed to have a
“type”: “AMMO”,
declaration earlier in it so the game knows its dealing with ammo
the mining mod is trying to comment like:
“comment”: “Absolutely nothing about 25 percent of the time, try again.”,
when it should be commenting like:
“//”: “Absolutely nothing about 25 percent of the time, try again.”,
or if there are multiple comments put a number after the //

I have not been modding long enough to know for sure but it feels like the mods are trying to use obsolete formating causing the errors. If i were you I would either stop using the mods or try to fix the mentioned errors and try again. no guaranties because errors can obscure other errors or I just missed something in my inexperience.

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Well, while all the points listed by robotic_gamer are true, I’m not sure any of these will result in being thrown back to the title screen (in my experience).

However, there seems to be one entry that possible could cause that:

18:07:35.297 ERROR : src/main_menu.cpp:1150 [bool main_menu::load_character_tab(bool)] Error: Json error: <unknown source file>:3553:31: Additional tiles defined, but 'multitile' is not true.

          "bg": 992,
          "multitile": false,
          "additional_tiles": [

              "id": "center",

This seems to refer to the tileset you’re using (or one of the mods that adds tiles). I can’t say for sure which one, though…
Try to search in all the MSX[…] mod files as well as the tileset you’re using for "bg": 992, and see if you find one that has multitile set to false but also has the additional_tiles in it, then report to the mod/tileset author (update it first if there is an update available and check if it’s still a problem).

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Once again, you have saved my butt, and I appreciate it!
I did some hunting and did not manage to find out which json file it was in.


I did then update my tile mod and, go figure, there were patches for these kinds of issues. Game works now, with a few other minor mod-related hiccups, but nothing too severe.

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