Game extremely slow during certain actions

All of a sudden my game has become very, very laggy during wait times. Sleeping, installing cbms, crafting, and just waiting have become incredibly long. Installing a few cbms a minute ago took me around 6 IRL minutes. Sleeping 6 hours takes IRL minutes, crafting is even worse. My specs are a 3.8 ghz quad core that is overclocked so the number is higher, though I know this game runs on one core. A 1050 gtx graphics card to run the calculations, but am running software acceleration instead, both have extreme slow downs. 16 gb of ram. I do not use any auto pickup settings as I just figured out how to use them. I run the game at a lower resolution, at 1368x992. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated, as after trying everything, I am lost. Should also say this happens in new games, wilderness. old games, every game. Was fast one day, then slowed down and never got better.
Edit: Version is 0.D 4145 gba5692e, but I don’t know if that version is what I should post.

Took 4 minutes to install an integrated toolset cbm. There is something wrong here oof.

Use stable version (or older experimental) version until performance things are sorted out.

I will do something about it, didn’t think about that stuff dude. Thanks alot.

sometimes it happens because you explore a lot in a short amount of time, and then the caracter forgets the maps and everything is fine again xD

Sometimes saving and restarting can help

It was the version I think because even vanilla on new characters in a lab couldn’t even sleep without taking minutes of my life. Updated to an experimental a day after that version and all is fine. Thanks though guys. Also did more than restarted, made about 10 different worlds, and lots of characters to test the slowdowns. Pretty sure it was the version itself.

I’m still having the same speed issues, even with the latest experimental. Tested on both Android and Linux on my chromebook.

Provide a savegame to profile.