Game becoming way slower after an update

So, I’ve updated the game yesterday from 8938 to 9013 and the game progression slowed down significantly. All actions that take time have slowed down: walking, driving, butchering, aiming, etc. Crafting inside a vehicle has suffered the most, it now takes me about 6 real time minutes to spend 10 ingame hours crafting, compared to maybe a minute or so on the previous build.
I do know that time progression while inside a vehicle is an old song, I’ve experienced it a year ago, and I sill experience it now, but maybe somebody has any advices on how to deal with this stuff?

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Disable experimental Z-level vision if you have it enabled.

Tried, doesn’t help.

Upload your savegame, so somone could profile it then.

Debug version is noticeably slow, try compiling with RELEASE=1 flag.
I recommend doing make clean first to be on the safe side.

Holy cow. Never mind this, I’ve accidently been an idiot and downloaded a 32bit version. Replaced it with 64 bit now and it works more smootly now.
Thanks to neitsa at github for pointing this out for my blind eyes.
I hope that’s the real reason, anyway.

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