Performance issue in latest experiment build

in the recent experimental build, i found that the game starting to get slower and slower to the point that character movement is much more slower now than previous versions (previous versions has this 60fps play while recent build has like 15-30fps play)

is it normal? or there is on-progress change that may affect game performance?

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I’m finding that the sleep processing takes a REALLY long time on the latest experimental, like sleeping for 8 hours takes several minutes. Haven’t noticed any bad FPS drops yet.

me too, but i always consider the long sleep process to be “break time” for me.

have you tried holding one movement key and notice that the character moves more slowly?

I’ve had it sometimes be slower to hold the key and other times not, which is a bit odd. Funny, if I’m waiting to fall asleep it passes 5 minute increments quickly, but if I’m sleeping it takes way longer. So there must be something they can fix there.