[0.C, experimental] Long task fragmented into part of 5min spended every second


I didn’t wanted to make such a post in first place to not bother ppl around but it start to be really annoying.

I noticed that every task I do spend the time 5min per 5min every second to run the game … “faster” as you can’t do anything while you do the task anyway.

but there is two thing that is weird :

I can spend the time way way faster by wayting my turn (5) instead of this
Long task take ages. Even a minute IRL sometime, if it’s about forging some weapon.
CPU usage, ram, CPU of the graphic card, vram, aren’t used during this time (usually stick ±50% for the CPU when actingand sometime a spike at 100%, when opening map etc but nothing about spending time because at this point it’s around 5%)
Sleeping don’t act like this and spend either quickly 30min (if failed) or the whole time quickly (matter of 4-5s )

I wonder if I missed something. I’m almost sure that for a time it was ok and time was spended quickly. As i craft in my base i was wondering if my stuff slowed it, but it was the same in a brand new game (cheated some stuff to craft).

Can’t the time spended just use as ressource as the computer can offer instead of lock at 5min/s ? Or maybe i missed something ?
Any help would be appreciated. Anyway, thx for reading this :slight_smile:

Not sure if I understand what’s happening.

Waiting 5 minutes waits 50 turns. Pressing 5 about 50 times is slower than ‘|’->enter and waiting out?

What version of game? Stable or experimental? Tiles or console? Playing in a world with z-levels enabled or disabled?
Drawing is relatively slow with a large number of tiles (especially in tiles mode, but still noticeable in console mode). Do you have a high game resolution set?
Sleeping only draws the game once per 30 minutes, so if it passes time much faster, it may be it.

Otherwise it may be related to stuff near you. Lots of creatures nearby will slow the game down.

Yeah, if i keep pressing ‘5’ to wait after a second it really quickly spend turns; it should be slower than using the wait command but often isn’t (or near the same).
I tryd in both 0.C & experimental (3209, 3660, 3666). Running windows seven. No experiental z level. No creature around me (checked with the debug menu). no item around (well, almost) as I tested in a new game. Also tested in shelter underground. Using tiles. 1920*1080 screen resolution.

I tried to reduce the number of pixel in the option and it didn’t changed anything …
But when i changed the fullscreen option (ON => OFF) time is now correctly spended (it’s really quick, around 3-4 times faster)
Sound like fullscreen cause some real slow down ?

Edit : added that i’m using seven.

Could be the fullscreen. Fullscreen drawing and event handling works a bit differently than windowed at times.

I don’t have any solution (I’m not good at SDL - the tiles part of the engine), reported on github for easier tracking: