Can I disable NPCs to avoid crashes?

For some reason today NPCs are crashing my game, wiping out hours of progress or whole characters. Is there a way to just disable them with modding?

Im on version 0.6-1-g8e898bd, maybe there’s a newer version with a fix?

If I recall correctly they should be disabled in experimental, dunno about stable (they should be in that too).

Have you been using newer versions but overwriting your folder? The default option should’ve been changed to off as of like .5

This is the first version I’ve ever played. Static NPCs are turned off, but Random NPCs arent. Im not sure if I have to reset my world to have that take effect or not. Ill start a new guy and see what it does.

I think you only have to restart your world if you changed static NPCs. You can turn Random NPCs on and off as you wish.

Yes, they are disable-able.

If in game press ? and then go to options. Disable both static and wandering NPCs.
In on the main menu go to options and do the same thing. IIRC you have to restart the application in order for your changes to take effect, and it is always safe to restart the application anyway.

I have not had crash issues with NPCs recently. Asking them to teach martial art styles will crash the game. But I know to avoid that now. I would like to spend my precious 3 points elsewhere though.

They make rather nice friends, as well as enemies. Find a hostile one with Browning BLR and .30-06 ammo and you will be in trouble. NPCs are one of the few dangers to a powerful character so disabling them leads to easy mode.

Unfortunately in my game they were consistently crashing the application. I disabled them and haven’t had a crash since.

It’s too bad though, they did make for fun encounters. In one game I talked one into joining me. I was impressed when he hopped in my car. I was impressed again when he asked me to pull over so he could pick up a rock (he was unarmed) and he came back into the car. Unfortunately when I drove into town and ran over a zombie he turned on me and started punching me from the passenger seat.

So I’m driving 60mph with a horde of zombies coming, dodging cars with a lunatic passenger. I manage to kill him but not before I crash the car and get eaten. It was a crazy death. I’m not sure if him turning on me was a bug or if he was just a dick.

Since then my game would crash every time a npc got near

They do still seem to be unstable. I had a CTD in a recent experimental build from just having a conversation with the static NPC in my shelter at the beginning of the game. I think it was when I asked them for gear. NPCs will be awesome when they’re a bit more sane & stable though