Gallon Jug stacks

Right now I’m using gallon jugs a lot for containing chemicals, mutagen stacks etc. But I have a problem.

Unlike with other containers, gallon jugs do not seperate based on volume.

Example: I have a gallon jug of bleach(30) and another gallon jug of bleach(4), but in the inventory it shows

2 gallon jugs of bleach (4)

once I use up the 4 it empties it and I still have the 30, so it’s just a minor minor thing

Its only with gallon jugs for you?
I have this happen with other liquid containes and lighters.

Edit: i do not mind though cause it cleans up my inventory.


I thought we fixed that before the merge. Thanks for reporting.

Yay I help :smiley:

I didn t use the recent experimental but like 10 backwards because of a dreadfull bug i encountered . so fi it has been fixed recently i might have missed that.