An Item in a container is Separate from the container in the inventory

I haven’t played this game in a long time, and I’m sort of confused about the way containers work in my inventory.

For example, there’s a bottle of clean water on the table near my character. When I inspect the table, I find a bottle of clean water, so the bottle and the clean water contained within are the same item. But when I pick up the bottle of clean water, there’s a bottle of clean water in the “containers” section of my inventory, and then there’s “clean water x1” in the food section of my inventory. This is my inventory:

I don’t know if this is a bug, or how it’s been since 0.E, but it’s really confusing to me. I did a bit of research and found a new feature called nested containers or something like that and it seems related to my problem. I’m currently running 0.E experimental version #10914 Any help would be appreciated.

that’s a bottle and water in your inventory. the item name simply tells you what the item contains. a ton of people have been confused by this but i have no idea how. but obviously something needs to be tweaked because this is not an uncommon question

I’m used to the 0.D version of containers, so I find it really confusing with the new feature. If it were sorta like this:


where the contained items are shown directly below the container, It would be much easier. But I’m really hoping for a mod to remove this new feature, for now at least.

Press ; in your inventory to view it like that…


Thanks, didn’t notice that earlier.

People get confused by illogical placement. It could be solved by having the semi-colon as a default option(the mode, not the button).

Containers that hold food for example should not be seperate from the container. It would be as illogical as putting all gun powder in a section even though it is still contained in the shot shells. This is why it is confusing.

Well, the thing is, what do you do with container which contain both food and non-food items then? In which category should it be put?

I’m pretty sure putting nails into a bag of potatoes is asking for a bad day.

What I would do is categorize by predominant item. If its 90% potatoes and 10% nails, stick it with the food.

by volume or by mass? :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, it may be a container with different pockets in which case it’s totally fine for it to have mixed contents.

Items shouldn’t have categories at all. That is the point. The inventory opens up and you have x random items in random locations on your actor. It doesn’t state what items are placed where; nor the contents of each container. It hides it unless you change the mode with semi-colon. Having control over your gear and where it goes is important to many people.

The confusion is the mess of not knowing where everything is dumped onto your actor at random. It has nothing to do with white/black listing either. Korg said he didn’t want to micro manage gear. But that is what you do in real life. You don’t vacuum your possesions and close your eyes and guess where they are on your person. The inventory of your character is in constant change. So automation makes things messy and confusing and tedius to manage.