Future Weapons Package

UPDATE: The future weapons pack has been merged into the main build.

A collection of 4 new weapons and 4 new ammunitions to find and 3 survivor guns to craft, adding variety to the player’s potential science fiction arsenal ~ now with bonus profession, laser sight gun mod, and fried SPAM recipe for extra tastiness! Laser rifle concept by Aerialk7, all other content by Rivet.

1 new caseless ammo type with 4 subtypes
1 new laser sight gun mod
1 new caseless assault rifle
1 new caseless revolver
1 new caseless automatic handgun
1 new fusion-powered laser rifle, idea courtesy of forum user Aerialk7
2 new survivor-built pneumatic rifles that use exotic yet common ammunition
1 new survivor-built single-shot 12 gauge pistol
1 new profession, so we can finally start with a skirt
3 new weapon crafting recipes
1 new food recipe, to make SPAM more enjoyable for all

All have been rigorously tested and tweaked for errors and for balance.

No more unlicensed nuclear accelerators? D:

Hoping this finally makes it in.

:smiley: YAY, you used it! So, did you finally the “doesnt load normally” fixed? ^3^

But not the tesla cannon?:C

No tesla cannon yet, and I have the laser rifle using fusion packs for ammo.

The real stars of the show are the caseless and craftable guns though.

The caseless ones are real beasts with heavy damage and severe recoil and rare ammunition, and the craftable guns are rather resource intensive but make up for it by making efficient use of common ammunition.

I like the idea.

i give you a working tesla cannon!

“id”: “tesla_cannon”,
“type”: “GUN”,
“symbol”: “(”,
“color”: “light_blue”,
“name”: “tesla cannon”,
“description”: “A gun that harnesses the energy of tesla coils and redirects it into a damaging lightning beam.”,
“rarity”: 1,
“price”: 13000,
“material”: “steel”,
“flags”: “MODE_BURST”,
“skill”: “rifle”,
“ammo”: “fusion”,
“weight”: 20,
“volume”: 15,
“bashing”: 12,
“cutting”: 0,
“to_hit”: 1,
“ranged_damage”: 15,
“range”: 20,
“dispersion”: 0,
“recoil”: 0,
“durability”: 10,
“burst”: 5,
“clip_size”: 25,
“reload”: 150

though sometimes when using lightning a single shot will fire the whole mag.
Dont forget to add it to itemgroups along with Lightning ammo which is already in game