Futer adds?

so i have bin playing dwarf fotres and CDDA and other survival,sim,etc of game and i wonder

CDDA is taking some time so that a new releas of 0.A or a nothre name for the next releas

what is going to be added
ar dwarf fotres mechanics going to be aded?(maybe not)
how many new enemys?
what new items?
beter NPC mechanics?
sound,titel scean,animated tiles?

im very curios whats coming i cuint play the experimental for a while do to some situation
but whats going to be added pleas tell mi

I hate to sound like a grammar/spelling nazi, but please run your posts through a spell checker (I know chrome at least has a free spell and grammar app you can download and I wouldn’t doubt that other browsers do as well). I can handle some small problems, but that post is reaching the level where it’s becoming difficult to read.

That said here’s the answers to your questions:

We are planning on adding some mechanics similar to those of DF, but there are others (such as the incredibly intricate body system in DF) that are too complex to be needed in the current dev opinion.

How many new enemies?
As many as people add. It's a distributed development system, so as long as players keep coming up with good ideas we'll keep adding them.
What new items?
Same thing here, as long as people keep coming up with good, unique items we'll keep adding them. (Note the unique qualifier content bloat people).
Better NPC mechanics?
Definitely something we want. We've been working on moving functions to be more compatible with NPC's; with each one moved the NPC rewrite becomes a bit easier and more likely to be accomplished.
Sound, title screen, animated tiles?
Sound support is already in the experimental, it's just a matter of finishing the triggers that tell the game what to play and when. Currently I don't know of any planned improvements for the title screen. Animated tiles would certainly be cool, but I don't know of any plans to them at the moment.

As with anything, if someone comes up with a really good implementation of a thing like animated tiles or the title screen it will very likely be merged, it just comes down to somebody out there wanting to do it and then making a working PR.

mmm… i now some people that ar coders,animaters,etc i culd tell them to make title scean but if they say yeas its going to take some time, but i will try mi best

well i was talking to mi friend about the scean and he is thinking about it so lets see but if he says yes WOOO cutscean for CDDA

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I thought it was asking if we planned to add futons; you know, those couches that fold out into beds.


[quote=“HunterAlpha1, post:5, topic:6085”]LOL when I first saw the thread title I thought it said, “Futa AIDS”, as in, can you get AIDS from watching Futa porn.

I’m pretty sure you can’t, but then I wouldn’t know.[/quote]

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well he said no to make the scean depreast

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