New here, great game!

Hey, just downloaded the game a few days ago after perusing the dwarf fortress forums and hearing mention of the game. How the hell have I not heard of this game before now? It is seriously one of the most exciting roguelikes I have played in awhile. A huge thank you to the devs who continue to work on the game, I hope we can keep seeing new content for some time.

So, might as well chat, how many characters did you guys run through before getting the hang of the game? I’m on about my. 19th and having a blast. Just started disassembling the evac shelter to make up my nail board and sling at the start.

If you are willing to powergame, its fairly easy to crack, random chars will take alot longer. Probs took me about 10 chars, but ive been playing since the whales days.

No idea how you havent heard about it, the thread on DF is probably up to what? 800 pages now? Ive always found post count on the DF forums to be a fairly good indicator of the quality of a game.

Yeah not looking to power game, just feel my way around the game. And yeah I don’t know, to be honest one thread amidst a fairly large website isn’t the biggest thing to find, I usually don’t frequent the forums daily. But yes, amazing game.

Ooh question-do vehicles actually have an existing inventory when generated? I keep trying to search cars using e/g but to no avail. I was hoping they would have some supplies left inside of them before the apocalypse!

I believe some of them will have supplies inside of them when found, yes.

You can see if there are items in a car by the differnt look of the tiles, you can find 6 pack of beer in pickup trucks, bandages in ambulances, meth in meth labs, etc.

Watch out for wabbajacks. i don’t know if its just me but it took 7 remmington shots to put it down. lol

I recommend you wander the countryside, too.

You never know what you can find out there…

Jabberworks? They shouldn’t take more than three shotgun blasts if you wait for them to get within two spaces of you. They’re very rare, anyway.

No those fuc*ers are mean. no lie.

ha, i thought the Play Now feature was supposed to be meant for easy pick-up-and-go gaming for the amateur or jaded and experienced player. it is how i introduce people to the game, and let them teach themselves char/world gen and such nuances at a later time once they are hooked; though, admittedly, for experienced RPG gamers, sometimes it is the char/world gen itself that hooks them lolol

im still learning higher concepts about the game… maybe i think too much into it… but to “get the hang of it,” i say you will only need to play a few times and you will soon find you have lived a while… if youre lucky and careful

i think being careful and giving a bit of thought to any major decision plays a much larger role in your survival than luck, though sometimes the RNG just take a big steaming wabbajercky on your chest and you can do nothing but sit there and take it

oh geez, and i almost forgot, welcome to the end of the world… you have a most wonderful journey ahead of you
and by wonderful i mean gruesome

and by journey i mean death

and by a i mean so many that you will probably cry