Maybe I’m stupid but I can’t seem to get any water out of my funnels. I (a)ctivated them onto the ground. I have empty bottles in my inventory. It is raining out. I (e)xamine the funnel and when it asks me if I want to disarm the trap I tell it, ‘no’. Then I’m done. It doesn’t prompt me for an item to put water in. Has the functionality of the funnel changed? I’m new to the game so I’m following the wiki and Dapper McJester for most of my knowledge.

In the latest experimental build, the mechanic has changed. Funnels now accumulate water over time instead of serving as infinite reservoirs as long as its raining. This should also mean that you can collect rain water after the rain has stopped. I haven’t gotten to test it very much. From the code, it looks like you can leave empty bottles in the same tile as your funnel and it will automatically fill them up (Can someone confirm?). Beware that acid rain will contaminate your water!

Drop a water container on the same square as the active funnel.

Come back later, collect water that is now inside the container.

[quote=“Rivet, post:3, topic:2837”]Drop a water container on the same square as the active funnel.

Come back later, collect water that is now inside the container.[/quote]

You utter jammy bastards, I automatically assumed it was a funnel with some sought of catcher like those used for doing rain tests.
It’s not, it’s just a funnel isn’t it? D:
So I’ve been placing funnels outside… just to have the water drain into the ground. orz

Well played, Cata. Genius +1

What happens if it rain and then acid rain? What if you have an half-full container of water and it starts to rain acid?

It turns the water into weak acid. Not good to drink but you can steam distill it to make strong acid which has various uses.

Thanks guys!
Any way to get the water out of the weak acid/water mixture? Acid is fun and all, but a brand new survivor needs water.

Just done some testing with it now, I’m not sure that it actually does contaminate a water container if it’s already full, but I only took about 10~ samples so it’s not that extensive.


Set funnel > drop plastic bottle > wait for drizzle/rain
When it finishes raining, you’ll have some water. If there was acid rain, you’ll have acid water. I’m actually very suprised, one funnel has kept me a steady stream of water for a few ingame days.

A funnel doesn’t store any water – it just adds water to a container beneath it. Once the rain stops, collection stops.

Nope. Once it turns into weak acid water, it’s too late to get water from it. To keep this from happening, you’ll just have to pick up the water container ASAP when acid rain starts.

A full water container can be contaminated. The odds of contamination are based on the amount of water already in the container, though, so a container with 10 charges of water is 10x less likely to be contaminated as a container with 1 charge of water.

So using larger containers is the way to go? How fast do container fill themselves?

Could I place a Keg under a funnel?

Sure, IIRC it will automatically prioritize the largest container dropped on a funnel.

1~2 units of water per hour of rain, It’s not exact since I’ve only used plastic bottles with reading inbetween collections.

Not necessarily – would you rather have a 10% chance to contaminate a 1-charge container, or a 1% chance to contaminate a 10-charge container? The expected value is the same.

Assuming normal rain (or normal acid rain), expected fill rate (in charges per hour) is:

[b](funnel_radius_mm / 100) ^ 2[/b]

The big funnel has a radius of 380 mm, so that’s (380 / 100)^2 = 3.8^2 = 14.44 charges per hour, on average. The makeshift funnel has a radius of 85 mm for (85 / 100)^2 = 0.72 charges per hour.

Drizzle and light acid rain produce half as much liquid as regular rain, so those expected fill rates are simply halved to 7.22 and 0.38 charges/hour when it’s drizzling.

And so we can calculate that rain falls at ~9mm/hour. Which seems heavy-but-not-that-much.

Is there a way to collect snow for water?

make the funnels change color or something when they have water so we dont have to keep checking.

Umm, funnels never store water (though the containers that are in them do). And if it has rained while you are near them then they have water.