Water Funnels

Can we get water out of them?

If so, how?

Wait for rain, then "a"ctivate it, say N when it asks to disarm, and have a empty watertight container.

Yeah, it has to actually be raining (incl. Drizzle, Thunder Storm) in order to get water from the funnel.

I stash mine by the Evac Shelter window along with the empty bottles. When it rains, all I have to do is grab everything, open and climb into the window, deploy the funnel, repeatedly examine its square/don’t disarm/fill this container, disarm & retrieve, then climb back in. Plenty of water and I don’t get wet.

I wish I could get acid this way too.

The ultimate throwing weapon, a glass bottle full of acid.

I know right? I checked out this thread hoping for more acid ideas to pop up.

I was a bit frustrated with getting soaked trying to fill the damn things, but I didn’t exactly have a home with windows due to copious amounts of fire I caused don’t recall the source of.

I live in a semi and when it rains I just put it outside the door.

Plastic funnel + Acid rain = Melted Plastic funnel.

Depends on the plastic.