Broken arms throwing up thousands of live spores

I came home into my fenced off base as usual and i went to sleep and woke up with fungi coming through my hands when a spore cloud disintegrated! Then it happended again i had 600+ pain and my arms were at zero (both) How do i repair my arms? but i took antibiotics etc but my arms were gone pretty much after the other sleep i threw up hundreds of live spores!


Sounds like you have a fungal infection, which only two things will cure, royal jelly or fungicide. The first can be found with scientists or in bee hives, and the second can be found in sciency places or by killing fungal fighter triffids and making your own. After that you can heal your arms with splints.

Thanks i had a royal jelly so i used it in 1 sleep im back to 96/168 hit points on my arms. (i have the regeneration perk thingy)

I believe theres already a thread about that somewhere around here. Plus theres a Wikipedia if you wish to learn more about anything.