Frying pans MISFIRING?! (0.4-git)

So, it was a great day in town, a new game, had an useless NPC companion that had loads of shotgun ammo (0.4-git) and I found myself hitting a Z in the middle of the street with a pan. I was attacking and watching the messages when this happened

My frying pan misfired. MISFIRED. How.

A pic of my inventory to show that I dont have a firearm

I have no idea what happened, but on that topic, there should be a version of a misfire for melee weapons, like “You fumble with your weapon” or something like that.

The message always says “Your weapon” but it plays whenever ANYONE misfires their weapon. Adding a conditional “if (!p.is_npc())” to the misfire code in ranged.cpp should fix it, I think.

With the recent dodge functions added in monsters now have a chance of missing. Hopefully later on we’ll eventually be able to broaden that out to so that a single function can be used to determine miss chances for players, monsters, and NPC’s.

And yeah, this problem is caused by the fact that NPC’s misfiring will trigger the same message as you misfiring right now.