How to cure this thing? I have had it on my hands for ~5 days ingame. WTF.

Stand next to a fire?

Preferably a red one?

Thanks man, that helped a lot! After 3 hours ingame time it was cured!

Np mang. If it was real frostbite then you’ll have to cut your hand off.

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:4, topic:4419”]Np mang. If it was real frostbite then you’ll have to cut your hand off.[/quote]if he was having actual frostbite issues i would think one of the last places he would go for information would be a game forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant in real life.

Frostbite should be a lot harder to get but also be incurable and require amputation.

Given the advanced state of medicine in the Cataclysm universe, I think amputation would be curable with enough resources.

two fusion blaster arms!

You might almost call it Groovy.

Oh hell yeah. I still want my chainsaw arm. Really I want two chainsaw arms and two fusion blaster legs. If I have to get frostbite to make that happen, so be it.

depends where the frost bite is. getting it on your groin… becareful standing next to a fire or your pain index will shoot to 100 quick.

If you’re getting frostbite there, you’re either already frostbitten on all your extremities (core body stays warm the longest), or you poured a bucket of liquid nitrogen over your manhood. In the latter case, you’ve pretty much forfeited your right to reproduce.

yeah, frostbite on your dick means you’re just about dead anyway.