Friendly robots ammo question

So I just hacked a chicken walker, mad man, I know. I have one question about having one as an escort though, do they run out of ammo? If not, yay. If so, sigh, to storage until I need’em then.

It will eventually run out of ammo.

Can you refill them?

So how do you exactly hack a chicken walker without getting shot at? Can you like fold it out make it portable to take him along in long expeditions?

You can reload it by deactivating and reactivating it, if you have compatible ammo in your inventory the chicken walker will take it all for its personal use.

If you want to transport a chick walker long distances you either deactivate it by bumping into it and put in in a cargo carrier, or put it in a livestock carrier while it is active.

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That’s a very good question, and one I risked a 2 year+ character to test. I’m not a complete fool though, some planning went into this.

So I waited with a fully charged control laptop until it was raining in daytime, reduced visibility and the like while I could still see the maximum range. Then I slowly went towards the walker until it saw me and lured it towards a house that was nearby. I could see me but it couldn’t shoot me, and I was just fast enough while running to out-pace it. I made sure that the last known position it saw me was the corner of the house, at which point I proceeded to run outside of its sight range and into the house. I waited at the corner of the house until it was in range for the control laptop to do its thing and after 15 tries it was hacked successfully. Good thing it didn’t take too long, it started banging on the walls and I was afraid my guy was done for. There’s basically only one exit out of this particular house and it was the front door, where it would be able to see me and subsequently anihilate me.

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Is deactivating them a thing in one of the experimental builds? I can only make it go into passive and combat mode with the laptop. Unless an emp is needed…

Just a warning: at least when I tried it six months back, chicken walkers were unlike the other bots in that they could break free from the control laptop and turn hostile again.

Wow, that is pretty cool. And close call. You and ur chicken buddy can now raze cities together.

Now thats a rude surprise… Haha

Can you rename it to ED-209?

In the experimental builds you can deactivate friendly chicken walkers and other bots. I don’t think you can that if you are playing with the last stable.