French Help

hello world,
I have created a french part in the wiki :

I have created it because I’m french and I want to help french’s player.

I want you to tell me what you think about my idea et if you have idea, suggestion or if you want to help me.


Any additions to the Wiki are awesome. I think your French help is a great addition.

If we have more multi-lingual additions in the future there are different ways to integrate that into the Wiki as well.

Personally I don’t think this is great. We also have 4 (*) pages in Taiwanese/Chinese (??) (last real edits were in 2013), and now we have 3 in french. Nobody checks these. They hang around with outdated info forever. Personally, I want to delete them all and keep the wiki in english, unless somebody steps up and really does the work. And not just adding 3 pages once and then disappearing forever.

We cannot check pages in languages we cannot read. (For some infomation I posted in the chinese forum about this problem a while back : )

And it isn’t that I dislike the French or Chinese, I just think it is better to not show players outdated information, and any time people of a foreign language have is probably better spent on adding translations to the base game than editing the wiki.

*: yeah, I don’t know the real numbers, might be a few more than 3/4 but I doubt it is more than 10 per language.

Maybe, yes… This is just I have no much time… And there is not much French player so…