A few problem and idea about the gun fight stystem

So, people should know, I used to complain about the old version how bad the aim stystem it is, but it makes no point and getting people annoying,

but now, I tried to make a few idea about the gun fighting stystem, because I think it could make more on the future update,

let’s begin on the mobs and npcs who could shoot without even aim first, as we know, the robots was design to be firing the guns without recoil, due to the gun just install on their arms, or something like that, which make sense to be a tough enemy in the game, and it can shoot straight at you without miss a single buttlets(as far as I know, there is no way dodge the bullet on those bastards, if they shot you with full-auto, you died, I miss the old turret shoot 4 bullets on the old version…)

but the npcs, I don’t get it? how could they shooting without aim too? I even thinking they aim much faster than PC, a few players I knew, was make a test on those npc, they give a NPC a full auto rifle as the same as they wield, and the NPC don’t have any skill on rifle and aim, so they piss the NPC off, and NPC still shoot without even missing a shot, 10 bullets, 0 rifle and 0 aim skill, still hitting them without bullets shoot arounds, and even hit those PC’s head like 5 or 6 times, how could that even possible??? if was not the power armor they are wearing, they would probably died of that moment,

that was the few problems I was tried to talking about, I don’ t know what you guys think about this, I think it may be a glitch or just because the NPC are use the old version aiming stystem, so they don’t need to aim? when they be able to aim before they can shoot on the later updates?

So that’s the problems I think I found on the gun fight for now, I also have a few idea about the gun fight.

1.can we make a aiming accuracy wont reduce completely when you taking damage or taking hit? I don’t think you supposed to draw you guns away for a few moment just because some bastard shoot your with a harmless bolts, because you wearing some kind a armor like power armor, that shouldn’t even affected with such situations, you supposed to affected about your accuracy about something big, such like a hulk punchs, or zombies who catch you, and I think mabye even you do getting hit, like getting shot by turrets, you may still aiming your guns on that moment, I can do that because I have a pain immunity, and even you don’t you may just getting reduce a few of your accuracy, but not all of it, so that’s the first idea

2.they second idea was make a covering stystem on the game, you get behind on wall, or car, or something that can covering your ass on the gun fights, I actually found a strange moment on the labs once, I remember I was tried to Peek around behind the wall, so I can see where the turret is, and this happen, the turret just start shooting at me when I tried to see it, the bullet are supposed to hitting a wall, but instead, the bullet are turning on my location once it pass the doorway, I don’t even know what just happen, the 8 bullets just hit me behind the wall,

I have only 2 ideas for now, I don’t know if the gun fight can make even more, mabye anybody else have also a few idea about this? I guess? right? guys?

So enemies aren’t spending time on aiming before they shoot, and it doesn’t impact their accuracy; and you got shot by a turret while peeking around the corner, which probably shouldn’t happen.
That’s definitely some things to be addressed. A general cover system would be nice, too, but actually coding one seems like it’d be quite tricky.

:3 Sounds ambitious… The aiming is good as of today, and needs no buff (or create a mod reducing dispersion variables)

What I’m trying to said is,I was hideing behind the wall right next to the doorway, and while I’m try to peeking around and check what’s behind the doorwar, the turret just shoot at me while I show up, I was behind the wall, yet somehow, the bullets is actually change it’s flight path when it’s flying on the doorway, and it’s hit me directly even when I stand behind the door and wall, you never see that happen, do you?

here’s ACSII to show how it’s happen

(it’s still hitting me, somehow the bullets was turn left while it pass the doorway.)