Fraction. What is the purpose of their existence?

Pass a small amount of time and will add well-developed NPC and well-developed factions.
NPC needed for trade, taking missions, preparation of … That’s understandable. But why do we need fractions? Factions should stick what that idea. And maybe every faction will know something special (And fractions are generated randomly each time.). Special knowledge that can change the real world. You must help them, if you want to know their secret.

Maybe they know how to make a vaccine to wipe out the zombie virus spread…
Maybe they are preparing to go to the island, has not reached epidemic…
Maybe they know how to get into the measurement of which appeared blobs and destroy the “blob queen”…
Maybe they know how to build a time machine (O_o)…
Maybe they actually agreed with aliens on emigration from the earth (O_O).
Maybe their secret is that they are cannibals, and you their delicacy. ( :open_mouth: )
[size=8pt](Somehow I wanted to dramatically well-developed NPC and well-developed factions…)[/size]
What do you think?

[size=8pt]I apologize for my bad English.[/size]

I posted some thoughts in the mutation thread, but what I’d like to see is monster factions in addition to regular human factions. A heavily mutated mutant treeman would be more likely to side with the triffids and convert the world into a colossal grove, while a heavily mutated rat king would be content with building his underground empire. Maybe a heavily infected fungusman finds the secret of surviving the infection, takes over the spire and spreads the fungal apocalypse, or a cyborg loaded to the fills with bionics activates Skynet and brings order to the world as a robot commander.

Anyway, if you want to distinguish human factions, you could also add in a few monster-aligned ones, too. Are you just coming up with ideas, though, or do you actually have good ideas on how to code this? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the former, but I’d be pleased as punch if it were the latter.

And as for the answer to the thread title, to represent non-integer values, is my guess.