Found a graph for frostbite/wind chill

If what I’m reading here is correct, frostbite can happen anywhere between half an hour to as quickly as 5 minutes, depending on wind chill. As far as I can tell, frostbite in-game actually takes several days to develop. Perhaps this can be changed to be more realistic and more in line with the data presented?

It could be an option. I’ed rather have the option to chose, let it be gamey and fun, or realistic and see if I could actually survive.

How about one using the metric system for those of us living in most of the world?

Here remembers the reason frostbite was somewhat long and not so fatal directly was to make it more newbie friendly or something…

It already has a similar table used in calculations.
Frostbite is divided into 4 categories of risk: low, medium, high and no risk.
Low only causes frostsnip (low intensity frostbite)
Medium causes frostbite in 45 minutes
High causes frostbite within 5 minutes
No risk causes slow recovery.
If the temperature of your body part is comfortable or higher, only recovery is possible.
Only hands, legs and mouth can get frostbite.

It’s not trivial to make things like this optional, the closest you could get would be an option to disable all frostbite.
Unless someone decides to yank out frostbite data to a json and make it modable. But it’s unlikely that anyone will do it.