Forums back up - yay!

So, the forums are back up (yay!) - anybody know what happened?

It was eaten by a grue.

What advanced has recently become Grue.
He has learned to delete records in the DNS table.

Is a “metal-working factory”, is this now called?
I’ll go tell this anecdote to my wife. She did not hear about it :slight_smile:

metalworking factory - call us and we wipe your website because nobody must know about us.

LOL. pfhe-he-he :wink:

Oh thank God. I needed this place to get into lame discussions with the people of always! For real though, I missed y’all. Good thing to be back.

When I saw that the forum was down, I was heartbroken. It’s like in the movies when someone dies without a goodbye.

Then the forum came back and I realized I need a life.

Real talk, the guy that has been paying for forum hosting for the last 4 years (GlyphGryph) wants out. He notified us this was happening and I dropped the ball transitioning the forums to new hosting. He bailed us out by reactivation his hosting so we’re back up for now, but now it’s temporary.

I contacted Discourse about their open source plan and will consider transitioning there if they accept our application. If that falls through we have someone else that has offered to host (probably on smf still) that can do it, and if THAT falls through I’ll handle hosting myself.

Side issue, we’re transitioning the website to GitHub site hosting, the first draft is here .

Is Glyphgryph still around on the forums? Haven’t seen him in a while. I do remember him being the host though, heck my link to the site is still

I’m not, no

Ah okay… Wish he were

Update, Discourse contacted me, we’re go to migrate. I’ll be posting a new topic in a bit to discuss it (not going to unilaterally migrate) and give some details, but at the least they’ll have us.