Forever 0 minutes to install a bionic

I took enough pain medicine, I waited for long enough, but the game is stuck on saying to wait 0 minutes! I’m not certain what to do :frowning:

You sure you took enough? If you’re looking under your status and it says your at Painkillers [10], that’s not enough. You need to have your Speed Penalty from Painkillers be -10%. No, they don’t happen to be in sync. And no, I also don’t know why.

Also, protip; take some Adderall or Atomic Coffee (or a lot of similar stimulants). The Stimulants status boosts your INT, which dramatically increases your chance of success with Cybernetics because it affects all of the skills you use for it.

If you took enough painkillers, but waited too long, it might not have a strong enough effect.
Also various traits adjust how painkillers and bionic installation work, so enough for one character might not be enough for a different character.

Ah, okay that makes some sense. Also, I’m certain I have a couple of stimulants but there is something called me having 14 intelligence and save scumming. I think I’m good. I’ll also soon have more than 5 electronics which I think that skill matters too, I doubt 5 is SUPER amazing or anything, but it’s better than nothing.