Forest fires and fires spreading in town

run away fire should spread over grass. you can clear grass to keep fire from spreading to you. can spread from random lightning strikes or you can mass burn down forests and towns.

…You know this was a problem with the original cata, right? Random lighting strikes near the player would burn their base and destroy cars. I’m all for the fire spreading on grass through. Maybe have a tall grass for forests so that forests would burn faster?

I’m starting to think that pretty much everybody that play Cataclysm DDA is a pyromaniac, and I like this!

merely an effect of current fire mechanics

Runaway fires already spread across bushes and shrubs in forests. If I have to go around cutting the grass just so I can loot a town in peace, that’s going a bit too far.

shallow hole “firebreak”?

Grass is basically EVERYWHERE.
It would be going too far to have fires spreading all over the place just because I set off just one little flame.

I also didn’t think cata grass was so dry as to have fires burn it. Is it really?

Yeah, grass in real life is fairly hard to burn and considering how rainy it is in New England, uncontrolled wildfires on grass shouldn’t be a thing.

Thus is why I said “tall grass”.

Forests already burn fast enough, though

For those that havent been with us that long, the reason we dont have stuff like crazy spreading fires and fires from lightning strikes is it is damn annoying to loose a top shelf char or base to the RNG deciding to burn your shit while you sleep.

It’s simple we kill the Batman we build an antennae to attract lightning in precise spots where they would not hurt anyone!

Maybe just wait till the mod support gets in and you can play with fire causing lightning strikes on again. Having the entire map on fire/burned to shit by day 30 strikes me as being the opposite of fun though.

Not much different from a post-nuclear apocalypse but keep in mind that wildfire will be incontrollable without human intervention, so we are facing this again, Should we go for realism, a rought world that won’t forgive a mistake or a more player oriented world were mistakes are admitted but in a limited scale where 0 equals to “oh I am carrying too much volume” and 10 equals to “You light a fire in front of the gas station you are using as shelter”.

With my limited knowledge of new england id say the wildfire danger for at least a few years after the demise of the human race would be pretty low, conditions dont seem to lend themselves to the idea of massive out of control grassfires/bushfires like we have here in australia either.

Yeah, even by the standards of “realism”, out-of-control wildfires aren’t really a common thing in New England.

I am thinking it could be done with mods, too.