Force Y/N in prompts

I’m just genuinely curious if anyone leaves it set to true. Personally it drives me crazy.

I see no reason why not to turn it off. It still accepts Y and N as values, and it’s a lot easier to press just one key.

I leave it on True because I play too slowly, over think, then die anyways because I didn’t think something through

I leave it to true because it takes more than one keypress, but I also turn off other options like querying on disassemble and auto-safe mode and other things that would cause prompts to appear. Generally I play very deliberately and I also type very quickly, so pressing keys is by far the minority of my time in game, except for movement and loot sorting.

The only time prompts come into play is when there might be some kind of danger around, in which case I want them to be slightly more difficult to randomly press if, for example, a cat runs across my keyboard for no apparent reason, he probably isn’t going to hit Shift+Y, but he will definitely hit y by itself.

I set it to False because it’s quicker and I tend to be aware of what I’m typing so the chance of sudden key stroke are very small.

I’ll chime in to say I always turn capital prompts off… Cuts using SHIFT out of the equation, and I can’t think of a time I’ve caused myself harm by accidentally firing off an unintended lower-case y or n…

Off topic, but I also think “Ask to save before sleeping?” should be turned to always on and removed from the options list (all it does is adds a “Save before sleeping” option between the regular yes or no box that pops up currently…)

I definitely agree with you on that one. It seems like a perfect time to save the game. I always turn that on.

I like having the safety-interlocks on. Been cheap-killed often enough in roguelikes that don’t have 'em.

As for save before sleep: I like doing that manually.

I’ve tried playing with ‘ask to save before sleeping’ on before and the problem I ran into was the times when I failed to go to sleep after

Yeah. That too. Insomniac can be managed, but getting it wrong is a pain.

I leave it set to true. Forcing capitalization isn’t that big of a deal to me, capitalizing the ‘Y’ only takes a tiny bit of extra movement anyways.

This poll is actually running a lot closer than I had expected. I figured everyone just set it to false.

I leave it on.

The main reason it exists is because the VIkeys control scheme uses y and I think n as well for movement, and it’s a pretty common control scheme, especially among people with no numberpads on their keyboards.

Yeah, I’ve read horror story after horror story of Nethack accidents with move keys and lowercase y/n. One reason I’m a total cursor/numpad user.

And, yeah, TDW sighting. /refrains from taking photos, video, etc

Since I don’t use keyboard for movement I turn it off completely. In fact when I first played Cata I was glad this was among the options to turn off.

I leave it on because I’m a huge clutz and would accidentally screw myself over if I didn’t.