Bug with spoilable liquids?

In trying to make a tool that hands out a liquid that you have to put into a container (which I found out was harder than it seemed at first glance, a little guidance in that would be helpful as I just hacked it in), I found out that putting a fresh liquid in an old empty bottle instantly makes it rotten.

Looking at the code and the save files, I think its due to it using the container’s spawn time instead of the liquid’s.

edit: found another bug, this time in the player save/load code disease.intensity is not saved

So if I had a freshly generated bottle and I put rotten milk in it then it will be fresh!

But yeah, this seems weird. Fix pls.

Things spoil based on time since worldgen, not itemgen. Otherwise, you could drive to a new overmap tile and find unspoiled milk, sandwiches, etc.

yep gta, although I think it’s a cosmetic problem, still would be rotten milk and potentially dangerous.

and that’s true about things spawned on the overmap, but not with crafted items. Otherwise that cooked corpse would be rotten right out of the fire. And I’ve never seen unspoiled milk…