Food DUDE! (what DON'T we have?)


Would if i had half decent internet and time but unfortunately i have neither :confused:


Possibly because sour cream and guacamole both go bad within days. Unopened sour cream might last a couple months if unopened and refrigerated but guacamole is definitely not something that lasts no matter what you do to try and extend its shelf life.

Even in the East most “wasabi” available is actually horseradish, which is already in the game and already usable to make sashimi (see )

I think @Midas put it best…how much variety do you REALLY need? If your complaint in a survival situation is “I can’t make my favorite food” then IMO you deserve to suffer.


I neeed my garlic stuffed olives


I was having fried chicken last night and thought “what about fried meat?”

Flour + (powdered) egg + chunk of meat/dehydrated meat/rehydrated meat/etc with cooking oil as a tool.

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Hear me out.

You guys ever just smash some food together in some form, like in a bowl or sandwich?

What if we do that?

What if, instead of adding more food, we add qualities to the food. Like salty, sweet, spicy, mushy, hard (nuts and stuff.) Then add some way to combine it.

With some bread, sandwiches using food can be made. Like, you can make sandwiches out of other foods, like putting chips and salsa in a sandwich. Or steak and potatoes on a roll?

Or just find a bowl. Corn, chicken, gravy, etc., and boom. KFC bowl home edition.

Along with adding some hidden qualities that affect the joy the character might get from it. Like, put “goes well with multiple kinds of meat.” on corn or asparagus. That way, characters who are intolerant to certain foods can mix it with compatible food, increasing the nutritional value while also making the mood negatives not as bad or making them not as sick.

Could also put in the trait “Food Scientist/Chef.” This would allow a character to see the hidden qualities that food has, making it easier to combine food into favorable combinations.

I’m saying this mainly so I could combine Toast-ems and s’mores for MAX SUGAR.

Stupid? Maybe. You tell me.

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Insta noddles and veg/chicken soup, cheap and surprisingly tasty.
There was a point in my life when I was going through hard times and practically lived off that, definitely worse things to eat. :grin:

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Some Hawaiian stuff, kalua pork, squid luau, poi, poke, spam musubi would be nice to see.


As I’ve said some brazilian typical food would be good,most stuff is from African,indigenous origin and where made from slav e people in secrecy to complement their poor diet this means that most food is made with primitive gear and tools


You just described the birth of every recipe in history.


Some pit/hole recipes. Like clay baked chicken and stuff.


Hey Hof, wanna know what i am having for dinner? :wink:


Why did I use my last name? Lol. What are you havin? Arrrgh. I want.

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FRIED octopus rings… That’s right >:)