Food DUDE! (what DON'T we have?)

I’m genuinely curious if we could parse a large food database from online into a series of JSON items. Maybe use caloric density and number of entries as a means for determining rarity. I mined a similar database for other correlations a while back. I’ll look into it.

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If we pulled from a database, sure that’d bring in a lot of diversity (I’d assume). Is that really what we want, though? If I’m being honest, even with a decent cooking skill, I find that I only really cook the same handful of recipes because so many cooking recipes require time and effort for virtually no benefit.

I understand the push for realism with calories and the food system. But because of this there’s basically no incentive to cook more advanced foods. Why should I spend a half hour making vegetable soup when I can just eat the vegetables and get the same number of calories?

Bringing in additional higher tier cooking recipes (IE: Many ingredients + time investment) will just clog my list of recipes further with things I’m never going to cook because there’s no reason for me to cook them.

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Steamed veggies, beef stew, clam bake, casserole(of whatever 3-6 ingredients), baking pan(for casserole/cake), pan/pot lids(to carry full pots/pans without spill risk, Fruit Cocktail, mallow yams, individual animal meat, bell peppers, stuffed tomatos/peppers/zuccinni/etc, crepe’s, French cooking book and recipies, shepard’s pie, the ability to add condiments to items(fries, onion rings, etc.), potato/pasta salad, coleslaw, cabbage soup, grits, stroganoff, fruit cups, shelf stable yogurt, jell-o, biscuits and gravy, ?Meatloaf?(The food and singer), more sauces and ability to combine them with meals, TOAST, toasted variants of sandwiches, pasta and clams, baked clams, fried clams, hushpuppys, fritters(fruit, veggie, meat), homemade donuts(flour, water, sugar and/or cinnamon/syrup, cooking oil, pot/pan), homemade potato chips(potato, oil, pan), cobbler, hawiian chicken, and gruel(Water, flour/cornmeal, the like)

Valid point, I was thinking more along the lines of having a variety of realistic descriptions and flavors for many items, which are available in a database. Things like Cheerios aren’t something you’d craft, but it would be nice to see a variety to the types of flavors.

I think for MurderUnicorns play style this makes sense for the mainstream players. But I sometimes play as though my personal interests are met. Food being one way to mimic realistic interrests. I get a sense of immersion when I choose food, when I have it in abundance in the way I would choose irl.

I’m not a fan of trawling through hundreds of recipes.
I would prefer something like :pie: Pie: “Requires pumpkin or cherry or apple or…” etc
Much better than 50 different pie recipes.

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Mostly for variety as an option. Like Dorritos; Ranch ,spicy etc.

Nothing like some hot stones in a hole for half a day with a variety of meats and veggies for a nice smoky/earthen mix of flavours. At least that’s how they do it in NZ. I’m sure Rycon can confirm.

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Lotta survivalist folks in the states. Canada too. Pretty nice if we had more variety. Perhaps as a toggle option between simple and robust.

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that’d be great, it’s really shameful how often i loot a fuckton of food in this game, haul it all back to base and… still nothing worth cooking, somehow.

and i know that if i had the same stuff irl i could at least make something edible that would resemble food out of it.

maybe try mining a fitbit database or something? that ought to do a good job filling out food in game.

Your handle in front of my thread title made chuckle.

Anyway. I can think of a lot of variety for stuff that could be added. Freeze dry machines are rare. But people do have them. Being able to freeze dry your own food would couple nicely with vacuum sealing for indefinite food storage. Like having a farm. But then you wanna hit the road and travel lite. MREs are cool. But freeze dried food is actually better in real life.



Bridgford mre stuff

Mountain house does freeze drying for camping. While Briddgford handles many mre military stuff for when water is not always freely available.

Adding Protein/Power bars of assorted nutritional value.

edit: to the list of ideas that is. >_>

2nd edit:
Coconut Butter: used like fat and will give you a heart attack. and hyper tension. But it also can be used as butter/grease or in place there of. Shelf life even opened is around 1 year and is uncommon. So while not everyone uses it. Lots of people still do to see it once in a while in game. Also great for all those recipes that could use tallow.

Don’t remember seeing any twinkies either…and I’m disappointed because of it.

they’re called jonnycakes due to setting being UK, not US, aren’t they?

Not sure. I was thinking of the brand name instead of generic name, which I know isn’t a good idea with this much content, but for twinkies, I think I might make an exception and add it to my json lol

twinkies are worth more than your puny unions anyway (yes, really) so why not go for it?




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Lol, that’s why I suggested twinkies in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:
Zombieland was a decent movie, and I gotta have my twinkies.

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