We need a

I always wondered exactly how my characters always seem to open canned food without a can opener/ knife, and enjoy the delicious spoils within. I’m pretty sure he didn’t bite through the can, trust me its hard (I broke my tooth trying to bite through a can of flaked turkey on a dare xD almost got through until my tooth crunched. :P) so I think its only fair we get a can opener to use on those long lasting supplies (Which most contain water which is why they’re recommended as a survival food besides the long shelf life.).

Not sure how that’d be implemented without needless micromanagement.

I just assumed that the tins had a pull-tab lid.

same as a knife on fabric? (a) use (can opener) on (can goods) = (open goods) + @ = OMNOM sorry been awake since 5 am i get a little wierd.

This is how I always saw them.

They can be opened by hand where i live, like the image show. Only a few aren’t (like tomatoe …)

I forgot about those ones, i kept thinking the ones without the pull tabs.

I recall an old Looney Tunes episode that went along the lines of Sylvester the cat being locked in a house full of tinned food with no can opener.

It was so tragically funny that I almost want to see it happen in Cataclysm.

I have opened a can with a knife, lot of work but possible. Althought it did ruin the knife. hmm.

My swissknife has a can opener blade. Would stand to reason the starting pocketknife might have one too.

Well, I could break open a can on the side of a house, or power pole, gutter etcetc. You just need to make a dent in it, pull it the opposite way and it should rip open

Just bash it open!

It’s like a spaghettios pinata!

I was about to say no, but then I saw rivet’s post.

I agree with those who said bash it, but I also found myself on the last major update wondering if they had put in a can opener yet. I think canned food should be a poor weapon to throw if you don’t have the can opener/knife/pocketknife. However instead of applying it, I suggest it be assumed you used it if one is in your inventory. Or just assume the bashing.

If you can’t open a sealed tin can with a knife there is something wrong with you.
I am not kidding.
I am serious.

I never said i couldn’t do it with a knife :stuck_out_tongue: I said and a quote my self

I always wondered exactly how my characters always seem to open canned food without a can opener/ knife
However i haven't heard of the bash open technique before, guess i should try that one IRL :P i guess bashing it open should destroy the can (or badly damage it) and a can opener/knife could preserve the can. (Or make makeshift ninja stars.)

Post results of the can-bashing! I don’t think brick or hammer versus can is ever going to end well.

I predict it’s going to be like a pinata full of soup when it finally cracks open.

IRL I keep a legit P38 can opener from WWII in my wallet behind my driver’s license because I don’t want to ever end up forced into the situation we’re discussing here. It’s awesome how small and easy to use it is. I bust it out ever few months to open something just so I don’t forget how to use it.

you can open almost any can without any tools at all, all you need to do is scraping the can (the top part) on a straight pavement stone (or something similar) a few times and then apply pressure on the laterals - the lid will pop open. Also it’s fairly easy to use a knife to open it.

Funny, a lot of our dog food cans around here have pull tabs, but nothing else does. But yeah, the scraping thing does work. And my cheap swiss-army knife has a fully functioning can opener and a spike thing that could probably be used as one in a pinch.

I knew there was something… onion rings! Not like pieces of onion mangled with some sauce, but nice, grilled, salted, packed onion rings. Now that really is a thing to chew on; not like a democrat, nor like a republican, but like a Canadian, nice and slow. And - you can rehydrate them. That way, zombies will appreciate the scent more.