Everything I cook is rotten

I’m currently using 0.9-1446g9b49ab on windows 7

I re-use my worlds between chars (Makes it feel like an actual apocalypse what with all the cars plowed through buildings and random fires I have a tendency of starting) when it saves it’s a little over 50000.

Recently I made a new char and went to cook some meat and it was (hot) (fresh) and (rotten) it was meat I had just harvested. I tried making eggs and oatmeal as well and it came out rotten as well. Not really sure how to upload a save file.

I’m not the one who can make heads nor tails of bugs, but If you get a dropbox account you can make a .zip file of your Saves folder, upload that to dropbox, and link to it here. Folks should be able to take a look at relevant information that way.


Ahemm… Back to topic.

This bug had been reported here.

I demand this be fixed IMMEDIATELY! I cook for a living and refuse to have my shithead lame brained chars cook rotten subpar food.

Also; chef knife when?

Haha They’re getting to it. And I do believe there’s butcher’s knives in the game already. X)

I just made Fruit Juice in the 275 experimental. It came out (fresh)(fresh) and yet, “smelled awful” and was actually rotten when I drank it.

It’s a known bug