Have you ever seen a circus as they set up? All the boxy trucks unfold into the rides and games, like mediocre transformers. I’m pretty sure having stuff unfold from a vehicle is impossible, but we have this nifty FOLDABLE tag in vehicle_parts.json…so why not simulate it by storing a folded up workshop in your trunk:

I added FOLDABLE and folded_volume to the welding rig, added it to some foldable frames with batteries installed and it folds and unfolds perfectly, works fine. It can’t be this easy. I plan to try this with some small motors and tanks, as well as the other crafting parts.

What kind of trouble am i likely to run into adding the FOLDABLE tag to things like motors or tanks?

Mostly the issue that large solid things like engine blocks and fuel tanks really shouldn’t fold effectively, so no volume-loss at all.

I added foldable to all the crafting parts, small tanks and small motors. I’m imagining everything is mounted on a stand with wheels of some kind and I’m rolling everything out and unfolding each item to set up a crafting area, the way I’d set up a jobsite. Like a portable table saw, the machines don’t really get smaller, it changes shape and becomes more portable

Limiting it to 1cylinder motors makes it fairly immobile, but I will go reset the volumes when folded to be higher than the actual item, to represent the stand, it feels super cheaty having everything on the same foldable vehicle. It’s like unrolling a magic carpet of machinery :stuck_out_tongue: If i bulk things up, it would mean multiple vehicles become necessary if i want to move things easily by hand, plus the need to hook stuff to the generators…

This can all be done with the current system, but this seems smoother to me.

Testing it right now, everything seems to work just fine with no battery or fuel loss.