Folding Parts Question

i know that the defailt game , blazes part pack and the folding part pack add some foldable parts
i know the small electric motor and foot crank are foldable , but what about gas or diesel engines ?
also i know solars and small liquid tanks are foldable , also batteries , but if i can get the list of all foldable parts in the default game and these two mods that’d be great

TL;DR: is there a foldable engine that isnt electric or muscle powered ?

With folding parts or blazemod, I forget which, the 1 cylinder gasoline engines are foldable. They don’t produce much power but it’s enough to get a two-tile vehicle up to about 50 mph if you have one engine per tile.

While in real life you can get collapse containers. It should be very limited. I can get(actually have irl) a 5 gallon liquid drum for camping. Folds flat about 2 inches thick and even has a on/off threaded spigot. Coghlans to be exact. You would be amazed at the odd crap we have in real life.