How to Fold

I am asking anyone who reads this what in the json files determines if a vehicle part is foldable or not. I am just asking if there is a way to mark something as foldable fold volume dosn’t really matter. If foldable parts are hard coded then just say that and this will be over.

Open up vehicle_parts.json and add the “FOLDABLE” flag to the desired part. I’m pretty sure that’s all you need to do.

Sorry the reason why I put this up is because when I looked through it and looked at the lines for the foldable objects there didn’t seem to be any tags that defined as such. I guess I skimmed too quickly anyways thanks.

No problem, always happy to help. :slight_smile:

Then there is only one last question you wouldn’t happen to know something that can make it easier to read and edit the code?

Notepad++ is probably the best you are going to get for dealing with the JSON files. If you are talking about the actual code itself you could try picking something up like CodeBlocks, but if all you are doing is messing with the JSON’s go with Notepad++.

Thanks and also I found out another reason why I couldn’t find those tags. I was looking at the wrong vehicle parts file as there is one in the json itself and one in the items folder inside the json.