Foldable can't unfold

so i must have put a bit too much weight on my foldable super cart.
i was testing to see how much i could put on it and still pick it up if olny for a tile or two.
i went over the limit i thought i could still unfold it wen it was on the ground with “a” i cant seem to.
i also cant seem to butcher it, i have also tryed to use drugs to be able to pick it up but i cant get it to the point it will work
other things i have tryed are a boom crane , praying , and search google and reddit
i am not sure this is a bug or not seem there should be some way to unfold it even if you cant pick it up

If not a bug per se it’s definitely a bad interface.
I’d recommend mapping the debug menu and increasing your strength that way, then unfold and remove your strength boost. You might need to give yourself strength increasing mutations, I don’t remember if you can just edit strength. Alternately you can just edit your save file to change your strength.+

i went the save edit route thanks you saved mc carty .
i find it odd you can fold something but not unfold it if it is not a bug it should be changed any way.
i understand not being able to move it wen folded.
altho i think you should even be able to do that at least to load it and unload it to your mobile fortress if you have a boom crane
but i cant see why you cant unfold
thank you for your help