Dragged my cargo cart over some rubble

As the title says, I accidentally ran my cargo cart (shopping cart with cargo space instead of a wire basket) into some rubble left over from when I accidentally ran into the wall with the back of my car. Now when I try to move the cart, it says I don’t have the strength, and I apparently can’t use a shovel to clear the tile under it. Is this a bug?

Can you (e)xamine the cart mate? Check the casters or wheels are intact and not greyed out or destroyed.
Also try removing all the items from it, dumping them on the ground nearby, then grabbing the cart and trying to move it out when it’s empty.

As far as I know, it’s not a bug. Certain tiles make it harder to drag things (rubble, shallow water). Imagine it as your cart wheels getting stuck, you are going to need to increase your strenght or get a shovel and dig it out.