Fog of War

I just wanted to suggest something to add more realism.
FoW just means you can only see what’s in front of you, and since the zombie sight is based on player sight they would also be limited.

But how to tell zombies direction?

Looking around like in Unreal World is just a pain. Unless there were some really sneaky monsters, I can’t see it adding much to the game. With how long walking takes, I think it’s reasonable to assume people are looking around. I think the code is way too established to add directional facing.

What about an 'e’xamination?
I was thinking it would change every time the player moved, or when they examined in the direction for a very light turn reduction.

It takes six seconds to walk a tile, which I reckon is plenty of time for the player to do a quick scan of their surroundings.

Currently I don’t see how it would really add that much. Occasionally it’d be awesome to have to decide to either attack the zombie infront of me or look to see what that noise was, but overall it’d be just annoying 99.9% of the time I’d say.

It’d be great for sneaking past zombies, but tracking a whole hordes LOS seems a huge amount of effort. For stealth options I think a stealth skill would be a better option gameplay wise.

Then a sneak mode? Where every tile the player walks has a chance of creating noise, determined by a percent chance from the sneak skill.
While sneaking the player doesn’t make any noise at all (or at least not enough to call forth that horde five tiles away) unless the sneak skill check fails in which case the player makes extra noise. Also then an extra skill check while in line of sight of enemies determines if spotted.

I think scent needs revamped too for this.

There are plans to make enemies less omniscient as to player position.

Also darkling, if you can’t read liquids from the ground then how does your player craft with them?

Yeah, that’s really strange.
I always wanted to read my liquids. :frowning:

What the fuck?

I read some lava before it was in the road but my car didn’t break

Pick up*

It’s too late.

Point still relevant.

If you can’t pick up liquids from the ground then how do you craft with them?

Because the game is still in alpha.