Fixed slowdowns

I have made some mentions ( previously about experiencing slow game speeds.

But after compiling with Release=1, the game is MUCH faster in my machine.

Like 10~20x faster. No substantial lagging around hordes, no 1-2 mins to open the crafting screen when inside my filled-to-the-brims mobile base, and generally much less lag, much more fun.

If i had to guess, i’d think slowdowns had something to do with my using Arch Linux and its cutting edge libraries. I might be very wrong though.

I cannot post a reply to the “Downloading and Running the game” thread, as its locked.

Shouldn’t there be a note informing about compiling with this flag if experiencing slowdowns??

It really fixed it for me…

Sure, though it’s somewhat assumed that if you decide to do a local build you’ll know that turning off the optimization flags and enabling debugging flags means it’s going to be slower. In particular the GXX_DEBUG flag absolutely murders performance.

I turned off acceleration and got a huge speed speed-up (har-har) in the Windows Tiles version (at like a 2400x1200 res), but I’m on a good desktop processor and not something like a RasPi.

i see. it shouldn’t have taken me so long to look at the makefile then :smiley:

I for one had no idea. I’ll probably try this the next time I update.

This is neat for linux native builds, but compiling DDA for any other distro is a nightmare.

I don’t know what black arts you guys are practicing, but I even got a friend who knows a lot more about coding than I do to take a look at trying to compile experimental DDA on windows. He came back an hour later saying he had to re-write and re-link a few bits to get the tile version to compile, and even then it corrupted the heap on init.

I only asked him to try after I spent about ten hours trying myself. Cross compiling from linux using mingw, compiling using codeblocks or cygwin on windows, Even tried various versions of visual studio before giving up.

Literally the only successful compile I can get of DDA is native linux versions.

Visual studio doesn’t fully support c++11, and when we turned that on, no one had enough interest in keeping VS support working. You might be able to get it working, and if you do please make a pull request.
The official build is on mingw_64 and. we have people using regular mingw

As far as I know the Cygwin compilation instructions on the wiki are up to date (though I can double check if needed be). It’s remarkably easy to build on Cygwin, though Cygwin doesn’t support tiles because it doesn’t like SDL for some reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I’ve tried multiple times with multiple wipes and installs to get this to compile on win7 64bit. Linux mingw32 is either a bust or I’m doing it terribly wrong. The furthest I get in compile is if I follow the mingw compile instructions on the wiki to the letter, and even then it errors with “error: ‘strcmpi’ was not declared in this scope” and a few other related things involving sdltiles.cpp.

AS a note, I’ve also tried this on the latest version of wine 1.7 (the 32bit version, on a 32bit os) out of the box; I installed wine1.7 from scratch, installed mingw32 on it following wiki instructions, got the git repository, merged the cdda deps in the mingw root as it says, run wine cmd and then run the msys bat, follow the instructions on the wiki, and got the same exact issue.

I guess this is kind of unrelated to this thread’s original intent though: to mention that making a release build is a lot faster than a debug build.