Slow performance on linux

I’ve got the latest experimental running on linux mint 18. Back when I still used windows there were no performance issues at all. Currently while sleeping, reading, waiting, or driving with one z level zoomout the game runs very slowly. I’ve tried out the various graphics options which didnt help. I know its not my hardware (gtx980). Any suggestions for whats wrong?

What does “one z level zoomout” mean?

If I hit the z key to zoom out so that more tiles show on the screen at one time. Even if Im zoomed in at the default its still quite slow when sleeping and reading though.

I tried playing the same character using the precompiled build and it works great. Guess its something to do with my compiled version from git.

Depends on how you built the binary. You might have accidentally built it with debugging on.

Running windows … I have performance issues in general. A second lag or so when accessing large stockpiles (a) (E) and very slow passage of time when hostiles are nearby (crafting and sleeping are very very slow). I use ASCII w/SDL. Been going on for a while IDK when it started at least a month ago? Also my computer isn’t great in general.

if you just run make you get a debug build, which is quite slow, try “make RELEASE=1”.