[FIXED] Inventory clothes health filter

Hello, i ran into a small issue which is sort of ruining my ability to manage my inventory with ease and it’s annoying the living heck out of me, i some how clicked a button that turned off the neat little green + next to my clothes, now it’s just showing the annoying cluttered +1 to the clothes names when they are reinforced or damaged.


I’ve been searching for a solid hour around the forum and could not find anything, unless i simply forgot what to look for entirely… any help would be very appreciated…


Latest Patches sorted this problem! Thank you all!

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Might be part of this issue

Looks like they found the cause

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pretty sure there is a setting in the UI section or something that does exactly that, might want to check that too. Can’t get on right now to check it, but Im sure Ive seen the option to turn item wear durabilities on/off