Just struck me awhile ago, but wouldn’t it be fun to be able to fish? A new skillbook, a few rods and maybe a tacklebox in a sports centre… I think that mob spawning would be a bit too much, so maybe a percentage chance to catch a fish for every ten minutes, raising in concert with the level of skill and equipment.

I mean, at the moment there’s very little we can actually use rivers for and we could use it as a stepping stone towards boats/waterborne/amphibious vehicles.
Probably have it tied into survival. It’s be nice because you could camp out next to a river in a tent instead of always hiding in the forests and such.
here’s a few:

Simple Rod:
Req: Survival 1
Tools: Knife/pocket knife/combat knife etc
Heavy stick/broom/mop
200x Thread
2x rag

Bone Hook:
Req: Survival 1
Tools: None/Rock/hammer/knife
1x bone

etc. So, any ideas? Like/Dislike? Let me know.

So just to be clear - we haven’t polluted the 95+ percent of water mass so the vast majority of the marine lifeforms aren’t extinct? Now I know that the dry land wildlife is slowly mutating, but what damage has been done to delicate water ecosystems? To put my concerns right - what are we fishing for, snakes?

Mutant snakes then :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah but still a major component of cata is survival, so why not? It would be a good chance to add mobs to the rivers too. Carp, Sharks, moray eels, giant squid, anglerfish, moby dick, manowar… Algal bloom… Anyway, even in cata I’m sure there’s some lucky biome that survived relatively untouched, e.g deep underground caverns, or some isolated lake/lagoon on the far side of the planet. I think there was some cavern in a desert somewhere with cave fish that have survived for a few million years untouched.

Actually if we stick manowar in I think we best come up with a craftable raft and oar quick. Goddamn Jellies. :stuck_out_tongue:

There has been heavy discussion of this on IRC recently, and it’s being worked on.
The basic parameters:
basic pole/tackle
no persistent mobs wandering around, basically the fish don’t exist unless you fish for them.
Target location (location on the map for randomness, shallow/deep/distance from bank) determines hit rates and what its possible to catch.
(tenative) survival skill gives you feedback about likely fishing locations.
(tenative) survival skill/dex to land fish.
(tenative) risk of spawning dangerous aquatic mobs due to fishing? (It Came From The River!)

What’s the point of fishing , which is hard and takes time when you can instead just wait for a jumping spider to attack you and then steal his meat.
Once again my complaint that land dwellers should spawn way less and noise scares them away instead of like im assuming with dynamic spawn noise makes them spawn more.

I can’t wait for the day i will be starving in cataclysm , but for now i just hope to be able to roam the seas and hunt down the kraken.

if we got fishing we’d have to be able to (heres a word you don’t see every day)SWIM underwater with a net to get fish. maybe a secret underwater dugneon as well?

I like the idea. Sounds brilliant!

I wantz it.

[quote=“xibalba”]You don’t need blacksmithing. Just get a stick, sharpen one end, tie some smaller spikes around that end, and now you have a sharp stick with more prongs which makes it harder to miss. That assumes you stand in the water very still with your spearhead below the water, waiting for fish to swim by before you stab them. Other methods use throwing spears.

Google SAS Survival Guide to see examples of spears. That book is the real deal when it comes to survival.


  • heavy stick
  • String 3 feet OR duct tape
    *non-butter-knife knife.[/quote]

Hehe. nice to see I’m not the only guy who’s read the SAS survival guide books before. As for spear fishing, you’ll see in places like haiwaii and in areas populated by native tribes that still follow tradition you don’t even need an actual trident. A lot of people catch fish, shrimp and suchlike with simple wooden spears with a few extra wooden spikes tied on with twine around the tip.

Additionally: Scuba gear, oxygen tanks, handheld Harpoon guns. Fishing trawlers and whaling ships with whaling harpoons.


"You grab the harpoon!"

New type of zombie that spawns in rivers? They just wait there until someone gets close. You can’t see them, but they can see you. Once GlyphGryph’s new combat is in, it could try to push the player into the water and attack them there, where it is at a distinct advantage.

Could call them ‘Drowners’ such as from the Witcher, or something else. And maybe a slightly different version of them that spawns in sewer water.

So that’d make going near the water hazardous. And then just have a chance that they will spawn nearby while fishing. Since it’s underwater and you won’t see it happen anyway.

Wait, wait, mutant-zombie-brutish-leech-teethed gut-squashers trying to take MY fishie?
I’m in.
But if you throw in Kraken be assured I will code in Mirror image and Call lightning.
Wizards of the Cataclysm Coast. \o/

I imagine the underwater surprises more like a mutated snail that furiously bites off your face whenever you try to fish near that sewage dump in the river.
But if you prefer zombies chewing your toes near the river , make them also appear in toilets(!surprise!surprise!).

The only time these days im around large bodies of water in cata and not doing at least 60 these days is about 2 turns after my car drops off a bridge. Ive fought off too many waterway induced hordes to dick about with something like line fishing in the local river.

Though I read an interesting book many years ago about some islanders who used to hunt whale sharks by tying large hooks to long ropes and their boats then swimming down and physically ‘hooking’ the whale shark though the mouth. Ive often dreamed of seeing this type of mechanic put into a game. Bonus points if you can hook the rope to your car then have tug of wars between your death mobile and the hidden horrors of the deep.

Actually, having hooking mechanism in place would be fun aoveground too. Who wouldn’t like to harpoon a hulk?

You sir, are a Genius.

Harpoon Technicals
. Hook a Brute, Hulk or Boomer and put the pedal to the floor. Bounce them through the city like pingpong balls.

I’m all in for this idea, but just because of the harpoons.


Well to be fair you can butcher and eat giant predatory spiders with absolutely no repercussions, so you can probably eat some mutant water snakes.

Perhaps the fish adapted to the new environment in the same way the spiders and swamp creatures did.

Well to be fair you can butcher and eat giant predatory spiders with absolutely no repercussions, so you can probably eat some mutant water snakes.

Perhaps the fish adapted to the new environment in the same way the spiders and swamp creatures did.[/quote]

Yes, they did. Sewer snakes and sewer fish are both edible, even if butchered in the sewage.

This calls for boats, from rowboat to houseboat! :slight_smile: