Adding to fishing

Since fishing has been put in the game, I thought of a few additions that could be implemented (these are just random thoughts)
*Crayfish trap-Set it in water, wait a day, comeback and disarm the trap and have live fish or Crayfish in the trap to eat or cook with or what not
*Casting nets-thrown when activated, that effects a few tiles of water and depending on rng and trapping skill you could catch varring amounts of fish or what not
*Fishing and snagging semi random junk/loot- so your fishing and you hook and tin can which you can use

Just some ideas I have been thinking about.

How about baiting your rod? Last I looked bait is already in the game but used only in traps. I would imagine it would increase your chance of catching fish and if fishing up random junk happens bait would increase the probability of getting a fishy instead of someone’s old boot.

I like all these.
Mostly easy to implement too.